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Bristol Healthcare Services' denials management decreases your AR days and increases your collections. Our specialty-specific guidelines help our AR experts to resolve denials efficiently. We look at no-pays and low-pays and get to the root of the problem. Our experts not only fix a denied claim but proactively make changes to our procedures to avoid future denials. Our AR team works very closely with our coders to fix and eliminate coding-related denials.

The formal definition of denial in medical billing is “the refusal of an insurance company or carrier to honor a request by an individual (or his or her provider) to pay for healthcare services obtained from a healthcare professional.”

Medical claim denials by a payor are a headache for any provider. Healthcare industry statistics show that there is a 5-10% denial in the case of practices. Reworking the claim is also going to cost money for practices.

Our team of trained billers has expertise in clinical denial management and will keep denials to the minimum. The medical billing denial management process includes analysis of root causes of claim denials, rectifying errors, resubmitting the claims and follow-up.

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