Covid-19 Inquiry: NPA Highlights Areas Of improvement in Vaccination Programme

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) views the COVID vaccination programme as broadly successful, largely due to the efforts of healthcare workers and

However, it cited some areas that could be improved, notably the early involvement of community pharmacies in planning, operational challenges, and recognising
the role of community pharmacy in addressing vaccine hesitancy and inequalities.

Submitting its evidence to the Covid-19 Inquiry, the NPA highlighted that the community pharmacy should have been consulted and involved earlier in the planning
process, considering their two years of experience and expertise in administering annual influenza vaccination programs and the reach and resources of the 14,000
community pharmacies across the UK.

“Instead, community pharmacy was initially given a gap in service role, which failed to fully utilize their experience, expertise and resource,” Lawyer Brian
Stanton told the Inquiry on behalf of the NPA during the Module 4 Preliminary Hearing on 22 May.