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Chinese cybercriminals: a growing dark force to reckon with

Chinese cybercriminals: a growing dark force to reckon with

Submitted by • February 26, 2020

With China, even cybercrime syndicates are larger than life due to the huge population, says a McAfee researcher.

China’s cybercrime enterprise is large, lucrative and expanding quickly into other countries that have weak cybercrime legislation or weak enforcement—such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines. These well-organised criminal groups even recruit criminal apprentices, and now also target individuals and organisations in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Canada and the United States.

Like something out of a fictional narrative but supported by well-researched data by McAfee’s Advanced Product Group (APG), the China cybercriminals have their own jargon: a compromised computer or server is called “chicken meat.” Stolen bank accounts, credit card passwords, or other hijacked accounts are referred to as either “letters” or “envelopes.” Malicious websites and email accounts used for credential phishing attacks or spamming are referred to as “boxes.” Stolen i

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