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Case Study of Indian Spices

Submitted by • November 3, 2018

India is a land of spices and produces almost all the spices used in the world. It is the largest

producer, consumer and exporter of spice and its products. From the ancient time itself, India

was the centre of Attraction for Rome and China. Further Portuguese, Arabs, Chinese and several

other countries established trade with India mainly for spices. From ancient time to till now,

the charm of Indian spices is still maintained. At present Indian spice, the industry is as large

as it acquires 40-50 per cent of the global export volume and 25 per cent in terms of value. The

quantity of spices in India exports has gone over 4 lakh tons annually. Madhya Pradesh, the most

central part of India has its own importance in spices as it is the land of cultivation. Indian

Spices in Indore is in top place in Madhya Pradesh.

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