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Best machine learning training in Greater Noida

Best machine learning training in Greater Noida

Submitted by • September 10, 2020

Machine learning course in Greater Noida is aimed to make you an expert in machine learning, which is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and that automates data analysis to help computers in learning and adapting through experience to do particular tasks without the need of explicit programming. Starting from introduction to Master concepts and techniques, this industry specific training course at Mapping skills Technologies include mathematical and heuristic aspects, supervised and unsupervised learning, and also hands on modeling to develop algorithms that will help the learner to prepare for the role of Machine Learning Engineer. The demand for ML Engineers is expected to reach 60% by 2020 with an average annual salary of $201,000. Not only the Best IT companies, but also other top industries like (IoT), Robotics, Social Media and E-Commerce has also started implementing Machine Learning tool.

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