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Sarker Trade International Ltd. is one of the best leading jute bag manufacturers in Bangladesh. We deliver high-quality Jute Sacking Bags in single and twin shapes. These jute products from the utilities are lovely and come with an impressive and attractive finish. We are the largest wholesaler of jute bags in Bangladesh, and a global leader in the export of jute bag goods. Some of the bags from our jute bag factory include jute planter bag, jute sand bag, jute coffee bag, jute beach bag We also export Jute bag items, the leading source for jute bags, to meet customers demand different styles and finishes. Our company is the Bangladeshi’s best jute rope manufacturer industry. We are a leading producer and manufacturing business of all sorts of jute bags and natural jute bags. Our jute bag company is trying to export quality jute round bags to meet global demand because of the Bangladeshi jute bags for their kind. We are delighted to work with you for the best when you are looking for jute bags for some packaging, commercial or other.

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