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Best Eye Hospital In Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

You can confidently count Advanced Eye Care Centre, Sohana Hospital as the best eye hospital in Chandigarh. From the day of commencement, we have become the highly advanced and trusted... Read More

Level 3 NICU Hospitals near me

What makes us the best fit for your search of Level 3 NICU hospitals near me? We have the biggest NICU in the entire Tricity, which has 15 beds and... Read More

Neurologist in Chandigarh | Soahna Hospital

Sohana hospital has the best neurologist in Chandigarh. Dr. Rajeev Goel has mastered neurosurgery and has worked as DNB registrar at Indraprastha Apollo, New Delhi in the past. Sohana Hospital... Read More

Breast Cancer Specialist | Sohana Hospital

The battle of breast cancer is hard. Early detection can save the lives of many patients. The Department of Oncology at Sohana Hospital, Mohali has one of the best breast... Read More

Female gynaecologist near me | Sohana Hospital

Are you tired of typing the best ‘female gynecologist near me’ and failing to find one, time and again? Here is some good news for you- You may now receive... Read More

Best Gynaecologist in Chandigarh

Why wander looking for the best gynaecologist when you can find one in Chandigarh? The Department of gynaecology at Sohana Hospital connects you to a wide range of services. It... Read More

Heart Specialist Hospital in Chandigarh

Sohana hospital is home to the best cardiologists in the world and is known to be the best heart specialist hospital in Chandigarh. Equipped with state-of-the-art Cath Labs, operation theatres,... Read More

Knee Transplant | Sohana Hospital

Knee transplant can scare many of us off but with the right choice of doctors, once can easily get it done. At Sohana hospital, we have a team of dedicated... Read More

Contoura Vision in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

The eye care centre of Sohana Hospital extends a wide range of treatments. It offers Contoura Vision now in Chandigarh, simplifying taking off the burden of glasses for people of... Read More

Breast Cancer Specialist | Sohana Hospital

Breast cancer can be treated through radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and surgeries. Surgeries are of two types-lumpectomy and mastectomy. Consult the breast cancer specialist in Sohana Hospital to decide the... Read More