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This stone frequently contains pink undertones that give it the appearance of the sun. This stone has long been revered and connected to both the Greek sun deity Apollo and... Read More

This stone may be worn in a variety of ways, including Turquoise Ring, Turquoise Earrings, Turquoise Pendant, Turquoise Bracelet, and Turquoise Necklace. The month of December is linked to this... Read More

Moldavite is a stone that can range from light to dark green in color. Only in the Czech Republic can one find moldavite, which is a member of the tektite... Read More

Green Onyx, a charming gemstone with hypnotizing green tints, has been enhancing jewelry for a really long time. Its one-of-a-kind tone and properties make it a sought-after gem in the... Read More

People use the nephrite jade to attract wealth and goodness in their house while they also wear the Nephrite Jade Jewelry. The majority of nephrite jade stones are found in... Read More

Herkimer Diamonds are one-of-a-kind and highly valued quartz gems that are found solely in Herkimer country, New York, USA. They are known for their rare clearness, geometric shape, and double-ended... Read More

Red onyx, also known as sardonyx, is a dazzling crystal that belongs to the chalcedony family. Its rich red tone, streaked with groups of white, makes a striking differentiation that... Read More

Smoky quartz is available in a range of colors, including grey, brown, and black. Brown is the only color variant available for the stunning gemstone known as smoked quartz. There... Read More

A beautiful stone that may vary from blue to violet tones, tanzanite is available in a variety of tints. The ziosite family of stones includes this precious stone. Due to... Read More

Ruby, known as the "King of Gems," has been cherished for a long time for its serious red shade and hypnotizing magnificence. It is one of the four valuable gemstones... Read More