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Graphic Designing Course in Khanna

A thorough Graphic design course is available from Khanna's Micro Wave Computer Institute, and it covers every important facet of graphic design. Both novice and seasoned designers can benefit from... Read More

160 Hours Computer Course in Khanna

A 160-hour computer course is offered by Micro Wave Computer Institute in Khanna with the goal of giving students a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of computer science and IT... Read More

Best HTML Course Training In Khanna

The common language used to construct web pages is HTML. For formatting text on a webpage, including headings, paragraphs, lists, links, photos, and more, it offers a set of guidelines... Read More

Python Course Training in Khanna

Python is a flexible and potent language in the world of programming. It is a favorite of novice and experienced coders due to its simplicity, readability, and variety of applications. Python's... Read More

120 hours computer course in khanna

A 120-hour computer course taught at Khanna's Microwave Computer Institute is thorough and intensive and is aimed at giving pupils the fundamentals of the digital world. This curriculum has been... Read More

Python Course Training in Khanna

Python has been integral to the educational process at Khanna's Microwave Computer Institute. This adaptable and user-friendly programming language has won the hearts of both academics and working people. Python... Read More

MS-Excel Course in GTB Market Khanna

Microsoft Excel competency is a key ability that opens up a world of chances in a variety of businesses in the modern digital age. The Microwave Computer Institute in Khanna... Read More

Web Designing Course in Khanna

In the current digital era, there is a growing need for qualified web designers. Khanna's Microwave Computer Institute has become a well-known destination for people hoping to succeed in the... Read More

Digital Marketing Course in Khanna

For people interested in improving their knowledge of digital marketing, the Micro Wave Computer Institute in Khanna is now providing a thrilling chance. The intensive digital marketing course offered by... Read More

Digital Marketing Course in Khanna

Do you want to improve your knowledge and abilities in the fast-paced industry of digital marketing? Look no farther than the thorough digital marketing course offered by Micro Wave Computer... Read More