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PLAI is a digital advertising platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in creating and managing online advertising campaigns. It allows you to maximize ad performance while decreasing cost-per-click,... Read More

NordVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service offering online protection and privacy. It enables you to browse the internet via an encrypted tunnel that hides your IP address and... Read More

Website auditor is a tool that analyzes a website to identify technical issues that may negatively impact its search engine optimization (SEO). Website auditor crawls a website to gather data... Read More

Pixelied is a cloud-based graphic design tool that helps businesses create branded designs for blogs or social media. It lets professionals change the size, flip, merge, or brighten an image,... Read More

Gravitec is web-based push notification software that can help your website get more visitors and make more sales. You can get up to 25% more website visitors by increasing your... Read More

Sendiio is a cloud-based AI autoresponder that lets you do Email, SMS Text, and Facebook Messenger from ONE central dashboard with NO monthly fees. It ensures that your messages are... Read More is an AI platform that uses real-time visual data and machine learning to make new illustrations and logos. is a great place to find images with beautiful designs.... Read More

GetGenie is a magnificent WordPress plugin that uses AI to help with content. This WordPress AI plugin can write both short and long-form content. You can even get your content... Read More

Closely is a cloud-based sales engagement platform for businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to brands with dedicated sales teams. Launch automated outreach campaigns, build and manage your Linkedin network,... Read More