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DIFX is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that introduces a long-lasting disruptive alternative to sub-par trading platforms. DIFX promotes high-level margin trading with meager latency rates and corresponding APIs. DIFX... Read More

DIFX is a hybrid model of decentralized exchange that incorporates centralized finance using blockchain technology. It is a user-friendly platform well suited for beginner and advanced traders, institutions, and investors.... Read More

After signing up on the platform, there is a KYC section under the profile. The first step after initiating the KYC process is to enter the country and the identity... Read More

The DIFX exchange uses the DIFX token as the preferred medium of exchange, which is what gives it the ability to allow cross-asset trades. When you want to exit out... Read More

Digital Financial Exchange, or DIFX, is an exciting new platform that is being launched, which will allow users to easily buy, sell, and trade all sorts of different investments. Having... Read More