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Our Solid Waste Drying System is designed to reduce moisture from 40% to 15%. Which is suitable for briquetting system, biomass power plants and other industry. India are becoming more... Read More

The Jay Khodiyar Briquette plant mechanical briquette press are machines designed to meet the requirements of customers and it is also Know as briquettes system, briquetting Solution, briquettes plant... Read More

Jay Khodiyar manufacture drying system for drying municipal solid waste and briquettes system or Briquetting Press Exporter for making fuel briquettes and giving solution for the recycling municipal solid waste.... Read More

Briquettes Briquetting Machine 75 mm is best and good, suitable for those users who have bulk density of raw material. Likewise, our Briquettes press Machine or can say our Biomass... Read More

A huge amount of waste is produced every year in agriculture-based countries and forest-based countries worldwide. Burning these all waste directly damages organisms, insects, soil and environment, so Jay Khodiyar... Read More

LASIK Is The Most Common And Popular Refractive Surgery For A Wide Range Of Typical Vision Issues. However, There’s Still A Significant Deal Of Misinformation Spreading Around That May Prevent... Read More

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It’s an era of using Eco friendly goods than why not to be ahead in the most promoting issue of world i.e. fuel consumption. Briquetting press machine we can also... Read More

Bright And Clean Services is a leading Professional cleaning company work in Gurgaon. We focused on home cleaning services and home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon now know as Gurugram.... Read More