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Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers in USA

Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider - OptiSol is the top HRMS ERP Mobile application development and enterprise mobility solutions company in UK,USA,Australia and India.Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider - OptiSol is the... Read More

Power BI services In Australia

Power BI Development Services in Australia- Power BI, a self-service visualization platform, is one of the fastest-growing Business Intelligence tools which simplifies the process of gleaning business insights for users.Power... Read More

The client is a Swiss based health technology company with over 100 years of combined experience in proactive health prevention, bio feedback and health technology. The premise is that by... Read More

A leading provider of digital health in precision medicine aims to enhance medical care by accelerating the discovery of new drugs and treatment possibilities by applying the Bio-AI artificial intelligence model... Read More

Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to human-like intelligence that has the ability to solve problems through its learning and decision-making capabilities.With the outbreak of COVID-19, most of the traditional norms we... Read More

Artificial intelligence is being embraced by several industries including manufacturing, automation, finance, agriculture, education, healthcare, and other industry verticals. Big companies like IBM, Amazon Web Services, and Siemens are funding... Read More

A demo of running out PPE detection model in Coral Edge TPU. The slight flickering in the helmet detection can be further tuned or smoothed out for a more accurate detection. This is part... Read More

Be it computer vision analytics company that train algorithms to detect humans and their gestures for the context of many use cases (or) Text Analytics that build a searchable knowledge graph and actionable insights... Read More

OptiSol helped a Startup company in building an AI/ML-based solution approach that helps non-technical users to record sign translations of bible verses. This application allows sign language experts to login... Read More

The evolution of mobile medical apps has the potential to reduce global healthcare costs and hospital waiting times, enhance patient convenience and compliance, and can significantly improve the overall quality of care.... Read More