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Assignment 4: Technical And Cost Or Price Evaluations And Price Reasonableness

Submitted by • November 1, 2018

Assignment 4: Technical and Cost or Price Evaluations and Price Reasonableness Due Week 8 and worth 130 points Imagine that you are a government employee (or military personnel). You have received a proposal from a contractor for a two-billion-dollar ($2,000,000,000) project for the purchase of fifty (52) towers to be installed on the Arizona-Mexico border. Each tower will have radar, night vision, and day vision with 7.5- mile range. You have been appointed as the Chairman of the Source Selection Evaluation Team.Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:1. Defend the purpose of technical evaluations in regard to:a. the importance of integrity and fairness.b. the factors used to determine the competitive range.(Dr. Vic Tips: you will want to revisit your work for Week 6 DB1, recall you reviewed Compton, Ch. 12 in its entirety and in particular, p.p. 141-143 on technical evaluations and fairness and p.p. 145-146 on competitive range).2. Create an outline of the final technical e

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