LBW- LBW or Leg Before Wicket, Arif Patel & Arif Patel UK defines it as an act of dismissal where the batsmen illegally block the bowl that is bound to hit the stumps. The final call is by the umpire who needs to check whether the delivery’s impact and pitching are in line and the ball is hitting the wickets. The final decision is a bit time-taking. About It :-

Arif Patel & Arif Patel UK , The rules for a wide ball are quite lenient in test cricket and quite strict in limited-overs cricket. Arif Patel – The batsman can be dismissed by running out, stump, handling the ball, obstructing the field, or hitting the ball more than once when the ball is delivered. A ball is not counted when a wide ball is bowled. About It :-