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Aquapharm Biodegradable Green Chelating Agent

Aquapharm Biodegradable Green Chelating Agent

Submitted by • July 23, 2020

Aquapharm manufactures range of green chelating agents, under the brand AQUACID.
Glutamic acid Di-acetate Tetra Sodium Salt (GLDA)

CASNo. : 51981-21-6 Molecular Weight: 351.1
Molecular Formula: C9H9NNa4O8 Brand Name: AQUACID 2014 EX and AQUACID 2015 EX
Structural Formula:


Metal ion challenges across various industry:
Metal ions influence chemical processes as well as performance of many products. A wide range of problems associated with metal ions can be solved using chelating agents. Historically EDTA, NTA were the work horses of many industrial processes such as homecare, detergent, industrial cleaners, etc. However, EDTA is non- biodegradable chelating agent and NTA is carcinogen. As a result, the need to develop new green chemistry arose. The new biodegradable chelant, GLDA is derived from renewable sources with better ecological and toxicological profiles.

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