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Affiliate Marketing for ICO Promotion-MLM Software Tamilnadu

Affiliate Marketing for ICO Promotion-MLM Software Tamilnadu

Submitted by • February 11, 2020

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is one of the best method of choice for startups to raise funds for their projects on blockchain technology.

ICO is the process of raising capital by selling their own token in exchange for, mainly, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

A lot of investors are getting attracted to ICOs primarily due to the reason that the rate of returns on ICO investments are much higher compared to the other formats.

Apart from this, the blockchain market is now getting crowded and the ICOs need to stand out in the competitive space. Hence affiliate Marketing for ICO Promotion plays an important role. We will discuss about how to promote ICO using affiliate marketing.

What are the factors for the success of your ICO?

Actually it depends on a number of factors such as the offering, the technology and the team; it largely boils down to how well you market your ICO to potential investors.

Even though the general advertising can produce good results, it can be an expensive strategy- one

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